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Whether you or someone you know has been in hospital and needs that extra support when they get home, Pure Heart Homecare offers a Hospital Discharge Care Service.


Recovering from home after surgery or an illness can have an effect on you with your daily activities especially when living alone.   

As with all of our services, the care we provide is bespoke to our Service User. If it’s a few days support or several months support, we can create a service to help you as much as required.

The goal of the discharge process is to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to a safe and supportive environment. Effective communication between the patient, family, caregivers, and healthcare providers is essential to ensure that the patient's ongoing care needs are met and that they can continue their recovery or management of their medical condition at home or in a suitable healthcare facility.


Some ideas of how we can help support:


  • Assistance with personal care

  • Support with prescription & medication

  • Meal preparation

  • Daily household chores

  • Rehabilitation

  • Organising special equipment

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