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Discharge from Hospital

Our dedicated team of Support Workers facilitate seamless transitions from hospital care to the comfort of one's own home, ensuring clients receive the necessary care and assistance to recuperate safely and comfortably. They work closely with healthcare providers to implement tailored post-discharge care plans effectively.

Pure Heart Homecare extends a compassionate Hospital Discharge Care Service, providing essential support for individuals transitioning from hospital stays to home environments.

The period of recovery at home following surgery or illness, particularly for those living alone, can present challenges in managing daily activities.

Our services are designed with the unique needs of each Service User in mind. Whether requiring short-term assistance or extended support over several months, we customize our care plans to meet individual requirements.

The primary objective of the discharge process is to facilitate a smooth transition, ensuring patients return to a nurturing and supportive environment conducive to their recovery. Effective communication among patients, families, service users, and medical professionals is pivotal to addressing ongoing care needs and facilitating continued recovery at home or in suitable healthcare settings.


Here are some ways we can offer assistance during the recovery process:

  • Aid with personal care routines

  • Assistance with managing prescriptions and medications

  • Meal preparation tailored to dietary needs

  • Support with daily household tasks

  • Rehabilitation assistance

  • Coordination of specialised equipment as needed

At Pure Heart Homecare, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive support and assistance during the critical transition from hospital to home, ensuring our clients receive the care and attention they need to regain their health and independence.

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