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Our Support Workers

Our aim to consistently provide highly-skilled personnel, with relevant qualifications, who are reliable, hardworking, honest and compassionate.

The training and development we provide is detailed and thorough, ensuring our team have the skills, knowledge and experience to be a great Support Workers, delivering high standards of quality care with professionalism and confidentiality.  

We operate a fully electronic care and rostering system which ensures all relevant staff and Service Users can see care plans, rotas and care notes. This enables designated loved ones to be constantly up to date with the care given to the Service User.

Continual training, refreshers, team meetings, supervisions, competency and spot checks also ensures we continue to meet the expectations of our company and Service Users alike.

Interested in becoming a Support Worker? Click here


Not only did this company do a wonderful job of looking after my wife, a cancer patient at home on palliative care, but two carers actually helped save my life when I had a cardiac arrest in front of them. Their skill and professionalism kept me alive until the ambulance arrived. Above and beyond their 

duty. They are respectful and humorous and my wife looked forward to their visits.
May God bless them all.

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