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pure heart homecare

Rehabilitation Care

Our rehabilitation services are carefully crafted to facilitate the recovery journey of our clients, assisting them in rebuilding strength, mobility, and independence after experiencing illness, injury, or undergoing surgery.


In close collaboration with healthcare professionals, we formulate comprehensive care plans tailored to each client's specific rehabilitation goals.

At Pure Heart Homecare, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised services that cater to the individual needs of our Service Users, allowing them to receive specialised care within the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

Our team of fully trained carers is adept at providing support during the rehabilitation process following surgery or illness. Recognising that recovery can span weeks or months, we offer assistance with everyday tasks and prescribed strengthening exercises. By enabling our Service Users to recuperate in the comfort of their own homes, we empower them to regain independence and resume their daily routines with confidence.

Our support workers are available around the clock, providing flexible care options that include 24-hour care packages to accommodate varying needs and preferences. We understand the importance of safety during the recovery period, especially when simple tasks such as mobility and personal hygiene may pose challenges. Our compassionate support workers are equipped to offer as much or as little support as needed, ensuring that our clients feel secure and supported throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Whether it's assistance with moving from room to room, changing positions, or personal care routines, our team is dedicated to providing attentive and dignified support. Our services extend to Wisbech, Downham Market, March, and surrounding villages, bringing quality care directly to our clients' doorsteps.

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