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Five ways to stay safe this Halloween against cold callers.

Updated: Jan 3

We know how the build up to Halloween can be worrying, especially if you are elderly or a vulnerable resident. It can be a scary time for people who don’t like surprises or callers at the door.

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We have put together a few ideas of how you can prepare ahead of Halloween:

· Place a ‘No trick or treat’ card on your door or in your window to help avoid trick or treaters knocking.

· If you live in an area where there are lots of trick or treaters, why not go and visit a friend/relative for the evening or invite them over.

· If you still receive a knock at your door, even with your ‘no trick or treaters’ card and you aren’t expecting anyone; do not feel pressured to get up and answer the door.

· If you ARE expecting a caller, always ask for ID to make you feel rest assured, especially if you are inviting them into your home.

· If you have a door chain, make sure this is securely fastened at all times and if you have a spy hole, make sure you are using this.

Do you have an elderly or vulnerable neighbour? Why not take 5 minutes this Halloween to check they are ok and to pass on some advice to give them peace of mind.

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