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Types of Social Care Services

Social care is the term used to refer to a variety of extra support and professional help you may need to carry out daily tasks with ease and live comfortably.

social care
Social care

Different types of social care:

  1. Homecare - Home care services like Pure Heart Homecare can help you to look after yourself and your home so that you can stay independent for longer.  There are lots of home care services available, depending on what kind of help you need. Your local authority will decide if you're eligible for these services or for home carers or a personal assistant. The kinds of services available to help you in your own home include: Home care offers care without long-term commitment. For example, you may just need help with everyday tasks while you're recovering from an illness. When you're feeling better, you may not need the extra help anymore. 

  • getting in and out of bed

  • washing

  • preparing meals

  • cleaning

  • fitting equipment to adapt your home, like stairlifts

  • going to a day centre

2. Care Homes - Care homes provide accommodation and personal care for people who need extra support in their daily lives. There are a number of different types of care home, as well as alternatives to care homes.

3. Specialist Housing - Housing options that let you live independently while offering support on-site.

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. If it's getting harder to manage, you may be able to get the extra care and support you need through social care.

Your first step should be to ask your local council's social services department for a care needs assessment. They will identify where you might need extra support from social care and together you will agree a care and support plan.

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