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Health & Wellbeing: Living a healthier, happier life

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Eat, drink and me happy

A balanced diet is imperative for healthy living – try to make sure your diet is low in saturated fat, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and opt for wholegrain foods, oily fish and small abouts of low-fat dairy and lean meat.

Drinking plenty of water will help avoid dehydration, and if you enjoy the odd tipple, don’t exceed the recommended daily limits, and take a couple of day in between to give that liver some rest and relaxation time!

Squeaky clean

Keep them clean! Don’t forget about your dental hygiene - brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily to prevent gum disease. Book regular check-ups with your Dentist.

Let’s get physical

Healthy mind, healthy body – keeping active can help boost self-esteem, improve your sleep, and give you more energy, as well as reduce the risk of:

· Obesity

· Heart Disease

· Stroke

· Diabetes

· Cancer

Start small and as you get stronger and fitter, you will be able to increase the amount of exercise you do.


Keep an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol and visit your doctor for check-ups. High readings can increase the risk of stroke or heart disease, but if you get evaluated regularly, changes can be made to help bring them back down.


The great outdoors and sunshine can work wonders! Any people have a deficiency in vitamin D but are completely unaware. Just 15-20 minutes a day, can give your system a boost and aid with cognitive impairments, bone problems and cardiovascular disease.

Best foot forward

Look after those twinkle toes!

· Make sure you have well-fitting shoes that also provide good support

· Prevent dry skin by moisturising your feet

· Cut your toenails straight across

If your feet become painful, feel very hot or cold - or if you have common problems like corns, bunions, or ingrown toenails – do contact your GP.

Slumber down

The older we get, the more trouble we have getting and/or staying asleep. To aid sleep, cut down on any daytime power naps, get yourself into a good bedtime routine and tuck yourself in at the same time each night.

A warm drink of hot milk and a calming tea – try Chamomile – can also help you nicely drift off to dreamland.

Test yourself

Its really important to have your hearing and eyesight assessed as we get older.

If you keep having to up the volume on your TV or feel yourself constantly asking people to repeat themselves, then you be suffering hearing loss.

Regular eye tests will mean any changes to your vision can be corrected and any problems identified before they have adverse effects. Over 60? Eye tests are free!

Keep in touch

Do you find yourself feeling lonely or anxious? Make sure you stay connected with family, friends – you could even start a new hobby, join a local group within your community, become a volunteer at a local charity or speak to us about companionship care.

Stub it out

We all know that smoking is bad for us – bad for our bodies and brain – and linked to heart disease, lung cancer and bronchitis.

No matter what your age, if you stop smoking it will improve your energy levels, lung capacity and circulation.

Its never too late to make change - take care of you, and if you need help in doing so, then we are only a phone call away.

healthy and active elderly lady

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